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Quantum Terms

Before you start however, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with some of the terms and techniques used.

The Alpha Station

Your Alpha Station is beautiful place which has a waiting room surrounded by dense woods, fountains, lakes, gardens or any other natural environment that you like. It is the place you reach when both your mind body system is completely relaxed and alpha waves are predominant in your brain. It is also the starting point in your journey towards your Quantum Home.

Create your Alpha Station in your imagination when you are meditating for the very first time.

The Quantum Home

Your Quantum Home is your mind’s own home. It is the place where your mind is free of all negativity, where it functions at the optimum level.

Create your Quantum Home in your imagination after you count down from 19 to 0 the first time you try Quantum Meditation.

Your Quantum Home can be situated in any peaceful natural surrounding of your choice. It can be beside a lake or river, in the middle of a park or grassland, at the top of a mountain, beside a waterfall, in a dense forest or even at the bottom of the ocean.

Wherever you build your Quantum Home, it should always be surrounded by joy and beauty. It can be a place that you have seen in real life and really liked, or something you design from your own imagination.

Inside the Quantum Home, there will be a large drawing room called the Darbar or Mind Palace. A corridor to the right of the drawing room will lead to another large room, which will be your Healing Centre. In addition, you can add a study room, a rehearsal room, an acting stage, a prayer room, or any other room that you want. Whenever you come back to your Quantum Home, you can change it in any way you want.

Shanti !Shanti! Shanti!

The word shanti, which is used in many languages derived from Sanskrit, including Bengali, means peace, rest, tranquility, or bliss. In Quantum Meditation Shanti !Shanti! Shanti! is your code for relaxation. If you practice regularly, as soon as you say or hear the words Shanti !Shanti! Shanti! your mind body system will automatically relax.


Mantras are positive words and sentences which when repeated over and over change your inner world, create new beliefs and vibrations which eventually change your reality. The ancient spiritual masters were all aware of the tremendous power of repeated positive statements. Nowadays known as autosuggestions, this simple and easy technique is also at the heart of many modern self-development methods. You can learn more about mantras/autosuggestions in our Mantra Power section.


Your monchhobi is your vision for your future; it is a mental image of your goal. When we start believing in the image imprinted on our mind, our brain transforms it into reality using its immense power. Monchhobi is a powerful process of creating our own future by visualizing it.


Quoga or Quantum Yoga, is the latest and simplest version of ancient yoga.