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Practice at home

If you want to learn meditation and practice it at home you can just download the meditations from here and start practicing. Simply follow the guidance in the meditations. Start with Easy Relaxation. Practice it twice every day for forty days in a row. Then move on to the other meditations. Before you start, however, it would be useful if you familiarize yourself with some terms used in these meditations.
Download Quantum Method Meditation

Attend our open programs

Quantum Meditation Society has several open and free programs such as Program in English language for the younger generation and Weekly Group Meditation (Sadakion). We also organize book fair and blood drive campaign, Youth empowerment program as a part of our social responsibility. We believe it is our duty to spread out the power of positivity in wherever possible leading a peaceful and vibrant society. It is our commitment of empowering you with the modern technique of meditation through which you can reach an optimum level of productivity upon practicing ‘Quantum Method’ meditation sincerely and wholeheartedly.

You are welcome to join in any/all of the programs and practice guided meditation with us. Learning and practicing Quantum meditation is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. It will increase the immune function, speed up your decision-making ability, boost up your confidence and remove any negativity, confusion, and ignorance you have in your mind. There is a saying by Joseph Goldstein that goes like this: “Just as the light of a single candle can dispel the darkness of a thousand years, the moment we light a single candle of wisdom, no matter how long or deep our confusion, ignorance is dispelled”. The same way, regular practice of Quantum Meditation can increase your understanding and inner-wisdom which eradicate anything chronic that is detrimental to your life. You will just need a firm commitment to practice Quantum meditation daily which will lead you a meaning life.