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These five vital functions set the rhythm for our healthy physiological activities


Breathing is the fundamental rhythm of life. This fundamental rhythm controls every other rhythm in our body and the key element of staying healthy. Breathing exercises or pranayama were an integral part of the daily health regimen of the yogis.
For abundant oxygen supply breathe in the following manner 19 times in a row, five times a day. First, slowly inhale through your nostrils while gradually expanding your chest. After your chest has expanded completely, exhale through your mouth. Count one. Repeat the whole process, count 2. After counting up to 19 in this way, return to your normal breathing. If you practice this five times a day, every cell in your body will get an abundant supply of oxygen. All your lethargy and weariness will be disappear. You will be lively, energetic and able to work longer hours.


The second Quantum foundation of health is eating. You can eat anything that your faith and your taste allow. However, natural and healthy food, which we call Quantum food, will greatly improve your health. The section on Healthy Eating Habits discusses in detail what to eat, how much to eat, and also when and how to eat.


In the recent years many of us have become more conscious about the importance of exercise. However, the wrong kind of exercise can harm us instead of helping us. The best kind of exercise is Quantum yoga, which is the latest version of yoga. The second best is walking. Exercise or walk for about 25/30 minutes everyday. When you walk, try to walk at a speed of at least four miles per hour.


Proper digestion is vital for Quantum Health. For those of us who face problems with digestion it is important to realize that the cause of indigestion in most cases is mental rather than physical. The acid created in the stomach is so powerful that it can eat through iron. It is so powerful that the inner lining of the stomach is renewed every five days so that the stomach itself is not digested.
So everyday, before you eat, say, “I will enjoy whatever I eat, and I will digest everything perfectly.”
Also, after you have eaten rich food, chew a piece of lemon rind, which is a natural digester.


To ensure that the body is able to remove all it waste eat lots of leafy and fibrous vegetables and drink lots of water. This will also lessen chances of intestinal cancer.
When you take a shower or bath, always keep the water temperature cooler then your body temperature. Based on 19 years of research, Dr. Kakker has found that taking baths in hot water weakens the body’s immune system, while bathing in cool water has the opposite effect. Even during winter, or in areas with cold weather, make sure the temperature of the water is slightly cooler than normal body temperature.