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Healing Requests: What and Why?

Scientific research confirms that prayers benefit both – the person who prays and for whom the prayer is offered. Suppose you came to know that someone has been going through a difficult situation – it could be around health or psychological issues or any other matters relating to everyday life. No matter if it is your dearest one or a distant relative, a colleague or a friend, a neighbor or someone you just recently met in the subway; as a well-wisher, naturally you would wish this person’s well- being and that s/he gets rid of the difficult situation. Your silent yet wholehearted wishes and prayers not only ease the individual’s sufferings and accelerate his/her healing process but also bring you peace.
However, offering a sound prayer in a continuous manner is often challenging for many due to lack of concentration, lack of practice etc, and most importantly, due to not knowing how to connect your body and mind with your prayers. QMS USA has a dedicated group of trained healers who voluntarily prays for yourself and your family, friends or relatives. All you need to do is to submit your healing requests in the following manner. The identity of the person for whom healing prayer is offered remains completely confidential and the healer does not receive any monetary benefit for performing this task. By submitting healing requests, you stay blessed and give others a chance of enjoying life at its fullest

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