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In the beginning there was only belief. This belief was in the infinite promise of every human being; in the innovative genius of the brain, the tireless work-capacity of the body, the persistent endeavor of the mind, the pure potential of the spirit, and the infinite benevolence of God. We believed that every human being is born with the innate capacity of transforming disease into health, scarcity into abundance, and anxiety into peace. By only changing his attitude, he can create a happy, healthy and successful life.

17 years ago, with this belief as our strength, we made an appeal to everyone. Come change your attitude. Use the endless power of your mind and the immense capacity of your brain. Your anxiety and suffering will evaporate. 70 percent of diseases will be cured without any medicine. Because once the origins of psychosomatic diseases are uprooted from the mind the disease goes away on its own. Most people laughed at this. But National Professor Dr. Nurul Islam recognized the significance and necessity of Quantum Method on the very first day. He said, Quantum Method is complementary to modern medicine. It would work wonderfully.

Though we started with only strong conviction, it didn’t take long for instances to be created. From the very first batch, success came one after another. Years of insomnia disappeared on the first night. Migraine migrated away from the classroom. Asthma healed. Backpain disappeared. Saying prayers with the correct postures became possible after many years. Normal movement resumed after arthritic and other pain became a thing of the past. Healthy life continued for 15 years and is still continuing even after bypassing the recommended bypass surgery.The names and types of chronic diseases that have been cured is too diverse to be mentioned. Many people think they have experienced a miracle. But the truth is, although the basis is belief, the process is scientific.

In 1975, The Relaxation Response, an investigative book on meditation by Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist, was published. In the preface to the 25th anniversary edition published in 2000, Dr. Benson writes, “In the last 25 years, we have treated thousands of people …With the help of the Relaxation Response… and other self care  approaches (such as exercise and nutrition) we can relieve or cure any disease to the extent to which it is caused by stress or mind-body interactions. By taking advantage of the cost free healing resources within us, the United States, by conservative estimates, stands to save over $50 billion in wasted health care expenditures each year.”

Dr. Benson firmly states that the mind body approach to healing is very effective in treating heart disease, skin allergy, anxiety, depression, bronchial asthma, cough, constipation, diabetes, ulcer, lethargy, fatigue, hypertension, infertility, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, all kinds of pain and aches ( headache, back pain, stomach ache, muscle pain, joint pain, post surgical pain and pain in shoulders, arms and legs), PMS, rheumatoid arthritis; and in relieving the side effects of cancer and AIDS.

What was just our belief at the beginning, has turned into reality through the thousands of instances of recovery in the Quantum Method Course. And the works of researchers like Dr. Benson, Dr. Kabat Zinn, Dr. Carl Simonton, Dr. Richard Davidson, Dr. David Orme Johnson, Dr. John Robbins, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Dr. Dean Ornish has transformed our belief into empirically proven science. In 1992, an endowed Harvard Professorship, the Mind/Body Medical Institute Professorship, was established in honor of Professor Benson’s work. The Mind-Body Institute was established in Harvard.

In 1995, the National Institute of Health, the primary US federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research, concluded that relaxation should be integrated into the treatment of  all forms of chronic pain. Based on Dr. Benson’s testimony before the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, the US government allocated 10 million dollars in 1999 for creating  ‘Centers for Mind/Body Interaction and Health’ across the country.

In the preface to the new edition, Dr. Benson writes,” A full third of Americans regularly practice a technique that elicits the Relaxation Response. In 1975, only 7 percent of Americans did so.”…”Two thirds of physicians now recommend mind/body approaches to the patients”….”By 2025 and beyond, medicine and surgery will be markedly different. I am confident, however, that one thing will not change. The immense transforming power of the mind and body, of our beliefs, and of self-perpetuated healing will remain within us – eternally.”

The immense transforming power of mind and body, of our belief, translates all human potential into reality. It is with the help of this power that thousands of people in the last 17 years have transformed unemployment into active life and problems into possibilities.  They have transformed a life burdened with debt into one of prosperity, a home ridden with conflict and hostility into a loving and peaceful nest.

Quantum is using this immense transforming power of mind and body not only to change the lives of thousands of individuals but also for collective welfare. The darkness of ignorance and false beliefs  prevailing in family and social life is gradually being driven away by the light of true faith. Because Quantum believes in freedom of thought, it respects all opinions, and welcomes the illustrious people of all schools of thought.

Quantum believes that the essence of all religions is the same. Differences in time, place, language and context has resulted in different religious rituals. The teaching of religion is to follow ones own religion and to ensure that others can follow theirs. Quantum’s respect for all religions is evident through the publication of the Veda, Bible and Dhammapada konikas in addition to the Quran konika.

It was common belief that it would be impossible to start programs on time in Bangladesh. We believed that we would be able to start and end programs on time. On 1200 days in 300 courses, and at least another 1500 days in other programs, i.e. at least 2700 days altogether we have started and ended all our programs on time, without waiting for anyone. Regardless of cyclone, hailstorm, flood, tidal wave, SIDR, heavy snowfall, earthquake, hartal, strike and curfew, we have held our programs in time without breaking any rules.

We have proved that the conventional belief that it is not possible to carry out humanitarian activities without foreign or government donation  is wrong. We believed all humanitarian activities can be carried out with self- initiative, self-planning, and self-financing. We believed that there is no dearth of money for good work. And we have never experienced any financial constraint. For funds, we have used a completely indigenous method, the charity bank.

We believed that we are a nation of givers. When we can be certain about the transparency of income and expenditure, we can give with open arms. A small example of our generosity is the charity bank. The daily income from charity bank is now more than a lakh. Whether it is for flood, Sidr, tidal wave relief or voluntary blood donation program, whenever we have needed money, our members have come forward wholeheartedly. Women took off the jewellery they were wearing and gave it to us without any second thought.

In choosing which service to provide Quantum has always opted for the difficult and exceptional things to do. At a time when the voluntary blood donation movement in Bangladesh was facing a kind of stagnation, Quantum started its program with firm conviction. Quantum’s donor pool is now the largest and most organized in the country. Collectively, these donors have helped save almost two hundred and fifty thousand lives. Today, Quantum Lab is the first place people come to when they are in need of blood.

The Quantum Polli in Lama is another example of the seemingly impossible becoming possible. Ten years ago it was the most unhealthy, barren, burnt hill in the region. Mosquitoes and malaria were constant companions. During monsoon, one needed to walk at least 7 or 8 kilometers on treacherous hilly paths to reach the Polli. Today Quantum Polli is a flourishing enlightened community. It is the most salubrious place in the whole region. As soon as one takes a step inside the Polli, the fatigue and tiredness of modern life disappears. A feeling of divine well being engulfs everyone. Within the Polli, hundreds of deprived children dream of a golden future.

The force that helped make all these seemingly impossible things possible is belief. This belief was in the inherent goodness of every human being, and in the greatness of our nation. Nowhere in east or west are people as nice as the common people of our country. Nowhere are the youth as good as our youth. Despite the poverty and deprivation, there is an abundance of kindness, warmth and empathy.This is because Bengal is the home of meditation and spirituality. At one time, a large part of the subcontinent used to be ruled from the Barind tracts. The blood of our enlightened ancestors is flowing in our veins. We know how to give, and we know how to sacrifice.

This empathy and sacrifice has been evident in Quantum’s journey in the last 17 years.They registered with the same fee. They came early to ensure they got a seat of choice. But when another elderly member came late to find no empty seats, no one had to say anything. The young people left there seats and sat on the floor without a word. This was a frequent incident.

The Akheri Doa program is being held jointly in two hall rooms. The hall room downstairs is air conditioned, the sound system works perfectly. Inside the hall room upstairs there is sweltering heat. The sound of Dhaka traffic is roaring through the open windows. The sound system is inadequate. 13 hundred people are bathed in perspiration. Around 15/20 people exchanged their registration for the  same program next day and left. The rest remained for the whole day. No one bothered about the discrepancy between the halls in the two floors. They spent the whole time engrossed in prayer.

Facing a society ruled by negativity and frustration, we had said, “Shokor Alhamdulillah! We are fine. Join us and you too will be fine.” Because we know the secret to a happy fulfilled life. We know how to use the immense transforming power of the mind and body. Those who knew us labeled us ‘crazy’ that day.

Back in 1975, Dr. Herbert Benson was also called crazy by his colleagues. Within 25 years, the mind-body approach to medicine that he had pioneered had been formally included in the  curriculum of US medical schools and integrated into the medical system by the government.

We too, laughed at those who called us crazy. We stayed firm in our beliefs and worked tirelessly. Little by little, people came. Their lives transformed. They in turn brought their family and friends. The quantum family began to grow. Diversity was added to goodness. The self development and social service activities blossomed in flourished in many ways. The immense transforming power of the mind and body of individuals transformed into the all encompassing power of togetherness.

The positive resonance of togetherness has created the urge to help everyone have a better life. It is this urge in a thousand hearts that has given rise to the Quantum wave, an uprise of the force for good. This wave, this exuberance will revive our faith and pur universal moral values. With us, millions will say, we too, believe, we too, are well.