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Can you think of something which is invisible and untouchable yet is so powerful that it can either conquer one’s heart or damage a life? It is nothing but our words. Our words play a crucial role in maintaining peace within our families. However, the practice of saying negative words and backbiting against each other in the family make the relationship between its members weak and often dysfunctional! Regular use of negative words not only hurts one but also destroys one’s confidence level and the ability of using his/her potentials.

But why do we say negative words or engage into backbiting? Do they comfort us? Yes, they do, someway. One of the main reasons is when we get hurt by someone we keep the resentment and dissatisfaction at the bottom of our subconscious mind which gradually turn into negative feeling full of anger. To get rid of that negative feeling we use negative words and backbiting, but ultimately it turns into a regular cycle of hurting each other. Social media and online platform of entertainment make it even easier to practice such toxic habits publicly.


If you are someone who loves your family members, you must be thinking now how to get rid of these evil practices. It is actually not that tough if you try the following tips:

  • Nurture forgiveness and patience within yourself
  • Avoid situations when you hear someone is saying negative words or backbiting others
  • If avoiding is hard, say positive words about the victim of backbiting
  • Talk less but express yourself in a meaningful way to let other understand you
  • Have control over your mind
  • Limit your use of social media

These tips would be easier to follow once you start practicing meditation. Meditation cools down your brain and cleanse your mind from toxic feelings. Regular practice of it would help us be a proactive person and keep our family safe from negative words and backbiting.