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It seems weird that someone else controls your brain. But the fact is, nowadays, you cannot control your brain unless you manage your use of social media. People normally do not pay much attention how their brain works. But using knowledge of recent development in neuroscience research, brain hackers do so in a meticulous way to have full control over your brain and make you addicted in social media. Continuous use of social media makes you forget the real purpose of life and get lost into the distractions. As a result, you submit your life and choices to the whims of social media.

Early social media entrepreneurs like Chamath Palihapitiya, Sean Parker and others admit how they intentionally did apply brain hacking techniques to make social media addictive to its users. That is why they quit this business and strongly warned us to stay away from it.

If you like to have your control back over your brain –

  • Simply delete all the social media apps from your phone. If any app is extremely necessary for your school or work, have them available only in your laptop.
  • Disconnect yourself from social media from 11pm until 7am.

Just try these before it is too late, you are guaranteed to take back your control over your brain!