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One of the key reasons of the gap between parents and children is consumerism. Both in the West and East of the world, in the recent days, being a frenzy of consumerism is often considered the aim in life. Very few realize the severity of the consequences of the ‘earn and spend’ perspective although lots of families have been suffering due to the rapid disappearance of loving relationship between parents and their children. It is none but the families who have to give themselves a wake up call on this and start thinking from now how to improve parents-children relationship before it is too late.
Most parents never deliberately want to make their children unhappy, yet it is mainly parents who can be held responsible for a widening gap of understanding between parents and their children which makes both parties unhappy. How does it happen? Very simple. Parents who-
*prioritize their earning over spending time with their children, 
*focus solely on spending over commodities to make their children happy,
*fail to present themselves as the ideal figures for their kids to follow, and 
*never bother with building a culture of practicing of moral and religious values within the family.
These actions of the parents lead their children either towards bad accompany or virtual world – both are strong enough to ruin a healthy family relationship. Research findings show that excessive use of social media eventually reduces interpersonal communication skills for which children even loose interest to talk to their parents. Research also suggests that loving bond in a family is a source of inspiration, care, passion, respect towards each other, and all of them help children become successful in their later life. In the madness of materialism, it is time for the parents to spend quality time with their children over commodities, and build a strong and loving family relationship through cultivating moral and religious values of own beliefs within the family. Practicing quantum method meditation can show you how to stay away from consumerism and stay close to your children strengthening your family bond. The stronger your family bonds are, more successful your children are.