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You may have heard the term “selfie-syndrome,” which describes an unhealthy obsession with taking selfies. You may have also heard of as to why selfie has been nicknamed ‘kill-fie’ since it has led to injury and death. Selfie-related accidents have increased from 15 in 2014, to 39 in 2015 and then climbed to 73 in September 2016 (ABC News, March 10, 2018). In addition to accidents, there were 127 reported “selfie deaths” in the 18 months between March 2014 and September 2016 alone (The Telegraph, July 7, 2017). But what happens to those who do not have accidents or deaths? These people usually give in to the tendency of taking excessive photos of themselves which gradually manifests into narcissism and self-centered character.
This is purely an exercise in self-obsession and vanity. Because it is constantly about the “me, myself and I” attitude. By immersing into the habit of taking photos and sharing them on social media we simply tell others to value us based on our appearances, whether it be our new haircuts or designer bags. Thus we portray ourselves as materials or products. However, such portrayals can never make us happy since no picture comes without fault. We want to convey the best picture of ourselves and retake the same picture over and over. We inspect every detail and we get upset when it does not meet our expectations. Additionally, by consistently analyzing our photos we also lose valuable feelings such as empathy and kindness which can also isolate ourselves from others. Such self-absorption can throw us into a world of egotism and frustration.
Look back at the great people in history, people such as Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Helen Keller. Rather than being preoccupied by consistent picture taking, these individuals made it their life goal to benefit humanity. They focused on their work with compassion and empathy. For some, it may seem like a difficult path to follow because we live in a world full of consumerism and self-centeredness. However, it is not impossible if we keep ourselves calm, positive and focused on our own unique purpose in life. Quantum method meditation makes this difficult, daunting task easy for us and helps us realize how meaningful life is.