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The biggest flood of all time has started in Sylhet. The slope of the upper reaches started descending on Sylhet on the night of 15 June 2022. It has been raining heavily in Sylhet since before. Thousands of people are trapped in waterlogged conditions. There is a severe shortage of essential food and clean water in the flood-hit areas. Almost all roads in towns and villages are underwater. There is no place for shelter. Food crisis. Starving people. Roads and highways have been closed due to flood waters. Sylhet and Sunamganj are still almost isolated from the rest of the country. In many areas, there is no mobile network and no internet service. Emergency services are also under threat. In this situation, the distribution of emergency relief among the flood victims started with the initiative of the Quantum Foundation. Mudi, chira, molasses, pure water, candles, and matches are being given as relief. This activity is being conducted by forming multiple teams.

Besides, communication in remote areas especially Sunamganj and Chhatak are still cut off. Emergency relief operations will continue in the affected areas as required. Attempts are also being made to deliver dried food to the waterlogged people in remote areas.

Note that this is the second phase of the flood in Sylhet. The first floods in Sylhet district started on May 11 due to continuous heavy rains and hill slopes. Meanwhile, the Quantum Foundation Sylhet Center has made arrangements for the residents of the city to reach their homes by boat crossing, distribute pure water and distribute candles and matches as an emergency service.

Come forward with the flood-affected people