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Check Payment

<p>Make the check payable to "Quantum Meditation Society USA" Address: 114 South 2nd Street New Hyde Park, NY 11040</p>

These are just a few of the rising talents from Quantum Cosmo School. Once they were known as orphans and the destitute children. But the day Quantum took responsibility for them, they became Quantum’s own. You and I, we are their guardians! They are growing up with the same love and care as a child growing up in his own family. Maybe even a little extra. On an average, the monthly expenditure for a child in Quantum Cosmo School is a little less than a $100. Food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare – all the five basic needs are met with less than a $100 per month. This seemingly insignificant sum of money is completely transforming a person’s life. You too can be a catalyst for change by taking responsibility for a child by committing to donate $100 each month as an individual or as part of a group. Taking responsibility for orphans and destitute children has special spiritual significance in most religious traditions. Every commitment will change a life!