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How people with negative thoughts drain our energy?

People with negative thoughts drain our energy. We rarely can save ourselves from the influences of negative words or attitudes when surrounded by negative people. Some of the characteristics of this type of people are: dishonesty, lack of responsibility, ungratefulness, revengefulness, manipulative attitude, even expressing resentment, etc.

But knowing someone well is not an easy job. Then how we can find out quickly whether a person is a pessimist or not. One of the easiest and effective tools is – when you talk to someone, simply observe your mood whether you:

  • feel down

  • get more depressed

  • feel like losing your courage and last shred of hope

  • feel more restless and mentally and physically exhausted

If your answer to any one of above questions is “yes,” then it is highly likely that the person you are dealing with is a pessimist. If that person happens to be your close relative or someone who is very important in your relationship, then you have to work hard to reduce his/her negativity. But, fortunately, if that person is not involved in any significant part of your life yet, then avoid that person at any cost.

How to stay away from them?

Perhaps, now your are thinking – how to stay away from them? Here are some tips:

  • Just stay away from negative and toxic people, it is that simple.

  • Pick your friends wisely.

  • Always be clear about greater purpose of your life. This will help you being away from any destructive relationship.

  • Surround yourself with a great group of people and be a part of a non-profit/humanitarian organization.

  • Limit the use of social media and, if possible, completely stay away from social media unless it is extremely essential for your work.

**This is based on a discussion by Mehzabeen Ahmed, Quantier of Quantum Meditation Society, USA on February 10, 2018.