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After You Practice Relaxation for the First Time:

  1. After you finish meditation, it may feel like you were simply sitting or lying with your eyes closed. That you didn’t feel anything special. Don’t worry if this happens. Just continue practicing. Gradually you will start feeling more.
  1. Your body might feel extremely heavy. This is a good sign. Your body is starting to listen to you very fast.
  2. Your might feel hot and start sweating. This is also natural. Things will return to normal if you continue practicing for a few days.
  1. You might get a lot of saliva in your mouth. This is also a positive sign. Your body is starting to relax very quickly.
  1. Your throat may become dry. If so, think of something tangy, like lemon or tamarind. Your mouth will automatically become wetter.
  1. If you meditate sitting, you will probably feel some pain in your neck, shoulder and back. This will also go away if you practice for a few days.
  1. Some people- very few- feel dizzy or nauseous while meditating. If this happens take some long deep breaths while continuing to meditate. The discomfort will go away.

After you practice relaxation in this process twice everyday for forty days, you are ready to move on to other meditations. Pick any meditation from the Download Meditations list.