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Visualization is the act of imagining yourself doing certain tasks. It is known in Bengali as “monchobi”.  There is scientific evidence to suggest that visualization works due to neuroplasticity, the concept that our brain changes and adapts through experience. When we visualize, our brain pretends it’s performing the actions and changes itself as if we had actually done what we visualized. This in turn makes it easier to perform the tasks in reality. Many famous people practice visualization, including famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey and Olympic skier Emily Cook.

To visualize, we have to set a serious goal beforehand. When we visualize, we close our eyes in a manner of meditation to get specific of the details of our goal. We think about the scenario and focus on all the senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste), as applicable. We feel the emotions as if the goal is achieved. In other words, we feel the feelings when we visualize.

Some benefits of visualization include: gaining confidence, increasing self esteem, feeling resilient, and developing discipline and dedication. Students should practice visualization because it is a long-term process which will assist us in accomplishing our goals.