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Every year Quantum Meditation Society organizes “Khatm-e-Quran Quantaion” in the holy month of Ramadan. During the program, you will listen to the sacred verses of the Quran at the meditative level. Dive deep into the holy guidance of the Quran for 7 days and achieve the reward of more than thousands of years of Nalf Ibadat (worship), as the Prophet (PBUH) said.

The Qur’an ends in Kwantayan, a unique opportunity to listen and understand the Qur’an recitation and translation at the level of meditation. This Khatam in a total of 52 hours in 7 consecutive days is better than 124 crores 85 lakhs 20 thousand years of nafal worship.

Prophet (PBUH) said, One hour of meditation is better than 70 years of Nafl worship. And the reward of any worship in the month of Ramadan is at least 70 times. If you worship in a congregation or together, its reward increases 70 times. And since learning the Qur’an is obligatory, the reward of obligatory deeds is 70 times that of Nafal. So 52 hours of Quran meditation is equal to at least 52 hours x 70 years x 70 x 70 x 70) of worship.

We have been using our audio in this program since 2014. Guruji Shaheed Al Bokhari Mahajatak has given his voice in this audio of Al Quran Bangla Marambani. At the level of deep self-absorption of meditation, the words of the Qur’an will create a new resonance in you, you will feel the urge to transform knowledge into practice from within yourself.