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Download free meditation and practice meditating at home, or you can attend our joint meditation program. You will get to know all the events from our ‘Upcoming Events’ page, here is the link that you can go to https://quantummeditationsociety.org/qms-events/

You can also download the autosuggestion book and read it at your free time. Autosuggestion is a very powerful self-motivating technique which makes your subconscious mind aware of the things you would like to do at present and future. It is like you are motivating yourself and giving the positive command to your brain, thus the brain will function in such a way that it will accomplish anything you want upon your sincere work, honesty and daily practicing autosuggestion. Autosuggestion works best when you are in a relaxed state of mind, for which we advise you to meditate and simultaneously provide a positive statement(Autosuggestion) to your brain, subconscious mind.

Moreover, there is few eye-catching wallpaper that you can download and set as the background image on your desktop computer or laptop.